Welcome Latrobians !

A warm welcome back to those students who are entering their second semester, and a big welcome to new La Trobe students!

If you’ve just joined us and you’re not sure how things work, don’t freak out! Settling into uni life is easy, there are loads of handy resources and information on the New Students section of the La Trobe site, so make sure you check it out!


Here’s a quick breakdown of a few essential tips which you’ll need to know to survive second semester:

  • If you’re new to uni it’s a good idea to get Ready4Uni at La Trobe’s online orientation. It basically helps you make that transition from ordinary boring life to exciting uni life!
  • It’s no secret that life as a student isn’t easy. It involves managing your time, generally living on a budget and making new friends (if you don’t want to be a loner, which, let’s be honest that’s pretty much everybody). Check out how to be not only an exemplary student but also maintain a decent social life at our Life as a student page.
  • Some top tips from experienced students – Don’t be afraid to ask for help, get involved with student clubs (after all isn’t that what uni’s all about?!), go to classes and manage your workload. Get inspired by reading more smart and practical tips from La Trobe’s experienced students here.  We promise you’ll be thanking us later.
  • Finally, the new student checklist is a must for confused or curious students, check it out and get excited!

We hope you have an enjoyable second semester and we look forward to hearing what you get up to! Feel free to share your La Trobe first year experiences with us by emailing newstudents@latrobe.edu.au

Have a happy and safe second semester (:

Stay connected with UCROO

UU UCROO stands for ‘University Crew’ and is the University’s private social network. Think Facebook, but with an academic twist. It allows you to connect with other students and staff at La Trobe, through an online community.

This is a user-friendly virtual space where you can ask questions; especially those urgent ones you have just before that final exam or assessment. You can also join or form groups that interest you, create study groups and collaborate on coursework with classmates.

For new students in particular, you can use UCROO to get to know the people in your course and year level. The Mentor Program available through UCROO is an excellent resource, as uni mentors post frequently and can steer you in the right direction, especially if you’re stuck with an essay or just want to have a chat/rant about uni.

Ucroo photo

You can also keep up to date with what’s happening around campus through the UCROO university feed. Staff and students provide you with information on the latest events, resources, services and support programs for students.

There is also a feed that specifically relates to your year level, for example ‘the first years feed’ will only post about first year events or relevant information related to first years. This is really useful; so make sure you regularly check this resource.

One of the most popular features on UCROO is the timetable sharing function. This allows you to enter your timetable and match up classes or breaks with other students, making it 10 times easier to organise lunch dates and study sessions with your mates!

Whatever way you choose to use UCROO, have fun with it. It’s a unique university support network, so make the most of it, and stay connected to your university campus.

Connect with UCROO http://www.ucroo.com.au/  

Download the app for iPhones (Android app is coming soon).

If you need help logging in or would like more information contact team@ucroo.com.

Don’t forget to ‘Like’ UCROO on Facebook for regular tips and advice!

Start of year FAQs

How do I find out key dates for the year?
Check out the La Trobe 2014 academic calendar, that includes key start of semester dates, exam periods, essential holiday periods and more! http://www.latrobe.edu.au/calendar/academic-calendar

How do I work out my uni timetable?
If you’re still struggling with your university timetable don’t worry, type in your subject codes or department of your course and write up your timetable and voilà. It’s easy as that. http://www.latrobe.edu.au/timetable/timetable.php?y=2014

Who is my subject coordinator?
You can find this out by going to the subject search website, (http://www.latrobe.edu.au/udb_public/publicview$.startup) and typing in the subject code. The subject coordinator and their email address will appear, at the bottom.

Where can I buy/sell my textbooks?
The secondhand bookshop is a great place to get cheap books, check out their opening hours here: https://unione.latrobesu.org.au/Common/ContentWM.aspx?CID=33

What books do I need for each subject?
You can use the subject search website mentioned above to see the books listed for each subject. It’s always a good idea to wait until your first lecture/tutorial to find out what books you will need as some books are listed but they are not required books.

You can also head to the Co-op Bookshop site at http://www.coop.com.au/ to see what books they are in stock, then buy them in store at your campus. Another handy resource is the La Trobe Book Sales group on Facebook. This is where you can see what books students are selling, and hopefully where you can grab some great deals!

How do I organise my parking permit?
Organising your parking depends on your campus, find out where to get your permits, and more information about fees here: http://www.latrobe.edu.au/security/parking

What clubs can I join?
There are heaps of clubs and societies looking for new members, you can sift through the list and contact them here: http://www.latrobe.edu.au/students/get-involved/clubs-societies

How can I meet people?
The Eagle Bar is a fantastic place to meet new people, socialize and have a few drinks and a meal with mates. The bar also has some events coming up which you can check out: http://unione.latrobesu.org.au/Common/news.aspx?NID=254

What can I do if I’m struggling with a subject?
If you are having trouble understanding some of the content in a lecture or can’t seem to get your head around a homework task – don’t leave it till the last minute to worry about! Ask your tutor first, either in person or via email is always good. If you find you need more assistance then try asking your lecturer or subject coordinator. If they don’t help, and you’re still feeling unsure about something, you can get help from workshops, drop-in sessions and from the Peer Learning Advisers who are always happy to help. Take a look at the Student Learning link for more details: http://www.latrobe.edu.au/students/learning.

All the buildings look the same. How do I find my next class?
We’ve all been helplessly lost before, and we all know how much it sucks walking around aimlessly, so to try avoiding this take a quick look at the campus map: https://www.latrobe.edu.au/io/documents/maps/bun/Melbourne-CORE.pdf. If you’re still lost, the Lost On Campus App is also another good one to download.

Don’t hesitate to ask us questions, and drop us a line at newstudents@latrobe.edu.au to share your first year experience.

Have a happy first year guys!

Learning Your Way Around

Hi newbie friends!

Last week I gave you the run down on what you can expect out of O-Week and what things you should make the most of.  Now orientation is slowly coming upon us, first the international students this week followed by all students next week.  Right after that we launch straight into semester, so there’s no time like the present to start getting acquainted with our wonderful campuses. This particular blog is pretty specific to Melbourne Bundoora (because it’s HUGE!), but any of our regional readers can take a leaf and prepare themselves in similar ways. Continue reading

Planning O-Week

Hi again friends!  Lovely to see more of you joining us every day!  Follow us to get reminders of when the blogs get published.

With second-round offers concluding enrolment this week, now is the ideal time to turn our thoughts to O-Week. Orientation is the traditional prelude to university, designed to give you an overview of the campus and the university, classes and life as a student – and that includes the social festivities too!

This week’s blog will cover the main things to do during La Trobe’s O-Week: meet new people, tour the campus, familiarise enough things to settle your anxieties, and get to know what services and facilities we have to offer – before you need them. Do try to attend all three days; not only is it fun and free, you can also learn a lot about being a university student, about life at LTU and what La Trobe expects from its students.  International students will benefit from additional orientation events next week, beginning the 18th, where they can enjoy activities and information tailored just for them.

Recall in my first blog, that not all universities do this… well – so get as much out of your O-Week as you can. Continue reading

Subject Selection, Timetables & Enrolment Day!

Hey guys! Hope you had an amazing summery Australia Day weekend (whether or not you celebrated)! Over the next couple of weeks most new students will be flocking to La Trobe campuses to attend an Enrolment Day.  Here you will be telling La Trobe Uni you want to do your degree HERE.  Well, that’s awesome, welcome aboard!  You will be sorting out fees, getting your student ID and sorting out your subjects for this year.  Today’s blog is just to make sure you are ready to do just that.


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Start Early: Getting Involved at Uni & Career Planning

It’s very easy to just meander through three or four years at uni, just studying, working, hanging with your friends, and eating pizza. But what happens when you graduate and you find yourself competing against thousands of others for a job? Your success will ride a lot on the mix of your grades, your extracurricular history, and your previous work experience. Plus your ability to sell yourself – convincing those employers that based on said background, you are the surest bet.

This is where the handy offices of Student Enrichment and Careers can help you out. By getting involved in some of Student Enrichment’s various programs, and speaking with the experts behind the Career Hub, you can feel sure that even as a first year, you are taking the first steps needed – both in semester and through all those winter and summer breaks – to build your foundation base of skills. And as one lecturer always says – it’s not just about finding out what you like, but often finding out what you don’t like. It’s far better to find this out now through short term work experiences than once you are locked into a job you wish you weren’t.

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Hectic much?

To be honest, I hadn’t even realised how much time has passed since coming to University. At first I was thinking “Oh yeah, Orientation was last week!” when suddenly a voice in my brain pipes up; “Uhhh no. It wasn’t. That was weeks ago.” And then I stand utterly still, a look of pure confusion etched on my face most, probably freaking out the people passing me. Like so:

tumblr_inline_mha2ivXZbq1qf325m Continue reading

Heatwave – Sashay away.

Latrice Royale

Shout out to the people keeping the air-con running in all the buildings on campus lately! Did you ever know that you’re my hero?

Not sure what it’s been like up in Bendigo, Shep, Mildura and Albury-Wodonga, but Melbourne = hot as Hades. Blessed be the cool change.

O-week is now but a memory, I’ve broken in my showbag pens and weaned myself (mostly) off a diet of fanfiction, DVD marathons and sleep-ins. Speaking of showbags, for next year I really think the following essentials ought to be included:
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