If you were to go on my Tumblr blog at the moment you’d notice I’ve been blogging a lot! This only means one thing. I have assignments I should be doing. I actually like to think my time management skills have gotten a lot better since I left high school, mainly due to the fact I have great friends who look at me disapprovingly whenever they see me procrastinating.

However, when it comes to study tips and advice on what you should be doing in relation to assessments, I’m honestly the worst person you could listen too. I’ve taken this negative and turned it in to a positive though. Instead of telling you what you should do, I’m going to tell you what you shouldn’t do. Below is a list of what not to do when you know those assignment dates are getting closer!

  • Do NOT write the title of your assessment then reward yourself with ‘five minutes’ free time. Before you know it, its 9pm, your study break has been going since 11am yesterday morning and your word count is still 5.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and funny cat videos on YouTube are not your friends. They are evil. You’ll realise this the night before your assignment is due and you’re curled up in a little ball crying of stress. The cat videos aren’t so cute at this point in time.
  • The sudden urge to clean also becomes strong around assessment time. STOP! Put down the duster! If your room has been filthy for the past month a few extra days won’t hurt. In fact it might be good for that mould in the corner to keep thriving!*
  • Boredom eating is a big one! Don’t do it, you’ll regret it! Unless the food is Tim Tams, in this case 5 packets in two hours are acceptable.
  • Oliver Queen or any extremely good looking TV show character will not help you pass your assessments. This is possibly the saddest and most disappointing thing I will ever write.

I really hope these tips help to cure your procrastination and will help you all get A’s!


*Note: I do not have mould growing and my room is actually very clean! This was a made up example used for the purpose of this blog post!

S-T-U-D-Y-I-N-G, what does that spell? Procrastination.

Week six is here along with the glorious deadlines for assignments, if you haven’t freaked out yet I salute you.

To quote a very insightful wizard Albus Dumbledore

“It is our choices…that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”.

So start making good choices right now and put down that phone and get writing.

If you’ve come straight from high school like myself – you’re most likely looking at these assignments and thinking how do I write this? The thing is its okay if you don’t know how to write it; all you have to do is ask for help.

Ask your tutors or your lectures and don’t forget about the first year advisers. These people are here to help you and make this transition as smooth as possible so ask their advice and clarify any queries you have.

So after opening your word document to begin writing you won’t feel confused. You wont feel the need to begin skimming through Facebook. Instead, you will be able to look at that empty word document and have the words flow through your fingertips.

So make good choices and don’t put that studying off.

Start writing your assignments because at the end of the day it’s your future which will benefit from it.

By Adriana


It’s like the end of an era…

end of eraFor me, this is more than just the end of a semester, this is a time in limbo. It is the end of my time here in Australia. I apologies if this last blog is going to be a bit emotional and patriotic. I’ll try to focus on all the sunny days that have rocked my socks off!
It’s been a fantastic journey! Thank you Australia, you will always have a great place in my ♥

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Essays. Ugh.

Is anyone else utterly thrown by this Turnitin stuff for handing in essays and such? I mean, honestly, I understand its good in many respects but it also has so many rules and conditions and like itunes, I don’t really read them (probably to my own detriment!). I suppose I just miss the high-school days where I’d just print out something and hand it up to the teacher and forget about it after that. Not so much like that here, eh?tumblr_md1ip3q0zk1qh5kpl Continue reading

Mastering Assessments Part 2: Submitting Assignments

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