Learning Your Way Around

Hi newbie friends!

Last week I gave you the run down on what you can expect out of O-Week and what things you should make the most of.  Now orientation is slowly coming upon us, first the international students this week followed by all students next week.  Right after that we launch straight into semester, so there’s no time like the present to start getting acquainted with our wonderful campuses. This particular blog is pretty specific to Melbourne Bundoora (because it’s HUGE!), but any of our regional readers can take a leaf and prepare themselves in similar ways. Continue reading

It’s like the end of an era…

end of eraFor me, this is more than just the end of a semester, this is a time in limbo. It is the end of my time here in Australia. I apologies if this last blog is going to be a bit emotional and patriotic. I’ll try to focus on all the sunny days that have rocked my socks off!
It’s been a fantastic journey! Thank you Australia, you will always have a great place in my ♥

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Just do it!! as Nike says

BK-Large-Square-Danish_ApplAs a Danish girl in Australia I quickly got used to share my title with this delicious, creamy, pastry from the bakery: a Danish. It looks and taste a lot like a ‘Vienna bread’ as we call it, ironically enough. 
It’s all sweet and good, and it’s actually not the worst thing to be associated with when you mention your nationality. Plus! They taste yummy.
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GO AWAY Assignments..

Go AwayI don’t know about you but I’m starting to feel the exams-pressure already. How can it still sneak up on me like this? I’m at the end of my studies, so you should think that I would be better at planning my time by now. Apparently not! It is even harder being here in Australia, where everything is so much more interesting than back home. Procrastination is a bi*@h.!!

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