LTU Focus on Swimming

Swimming at LTU

LTU Focus on Sports

Our LTU Focus this week is on John, a 19 year old swimmer for the La Trobe team. John balances his swimming with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Podiatric Practice. Now that the Australian Uni Games are over, it’s great to hear about John’s experience participating in various games throughout his degree so far!

John at one of the previous Uni Games

When did you first start swimming/competitively swimming?

I started learning-to-swim when I was 8 years old. Started swimming competitively at the age of 10.

Why did you decide to join the La Trobe team?
I decided to join the La Trobe swim team because I believed that it was a great opportunity for me to get more involved in the community and meet new people. Additionally, I was very keen on representing La Trobe at the university games.

What was your favourite part about the Australian Uni Games?

The most exciting part about the university games is being able to represent the university and race against swimmers from all other universities across Australia. I [love] the experience of travelling together as a team and the social events in the program.

What is the best part about swimming with La Trobe?
From my own experience thus far, the best part about the swimming club is that it models a healthy safe environment, which caters for all swimming level abilities (i.e. beginner > competitive athlete)

What would you say to other first year students who are thinking of joining a sports team at La Trobe?

I would definitely urge other first year students to join up to any sports team at La Trobe. It’s not only a great opportunity to stay fit and healthy, but more importantly there is the potential to build more social connections and possibly develop life-long friendships.

LTU Focus on Touch Footy

LTU Focus on Sports

This week we spoke to Bronte, a 20 year old animal and veterinary bioscience student. Bronte plays on the touch footy team at La Trobe, as well as the mixed basketball social league on Monday nights.

Touch Footy at LTU

When did you first start playing touch football?

I started this year after they were looking for people to play in their Southern University game haha.

Why did you decide to join the La Trobe team?

My friends had informed me that S.U.G’s (Southern Uni Games) was a really great experience. So I looked for a sport that needed people.
I also did it to make more friends because I kinda really knew no one at la tribe.

What are you most looking forward to about the Australian Uni Games?

The social experience and the people that I went with made it a really great experience. I actually really enjoy the sport touch too which I never expected myself to play.
I’m actually really looking forward to playing a bit more seriously. And I feel like I am getting more experience in a different sport.

What is the best part about playing touch football with La Trobe?

Making friends and having a fun time playing and socialising!

What would you say to other first year students who are thinking of joining a sports team at La Trobe?

Just do it! ✔️
Joining a team got me a whole group of friends and keeps me involved in the uni. Joining a sports team was probably the best decision I made all year!

LTU Focus on Tenpin Bowling

Bowling at LTU

LTU Focus on Sports

For this week’s Focus on Sport at LTU post, we’ve spoken to Nathan, an 18 year old Bachelor of Business student who plays on the Tenpin Bowling team for La Trobe.

Nathan with his Tenpin Bowling teammates at the Southern Uni Games

Nathan with his Tenpin Bowling teammates at the Southern Uni Games


When did you first start to play tenpin bowling? 

Can’t remember when I first started bowling but it would have been for a 5th birthday party or something like that, it’s always been something that I’ve enjoyed doing but rarely would go out and actually do. The first time I’d bowled without the help of the bumpers was about 4 weeks out from SUG’s and I’ve only bowled 1 gutter ball since.

Why did you decide to join the La Trobe team?

I had heard so many good things about Uni Games from friends and people that I work with that I decided that I just had to go regardless of what sport I actually played during the games, I just wanted to be a part of it all and when the opportunity to do ten pin bowling came up it was just too good to ignore.

What are you most looking forward to about the Australian Uni Games/what was your favourite part of the Southern Uni Games? (Feel free to answer both or just one) 

Really looking forward to getting away from the cold Melbourne weather for a week more than anything but to also see catch up with all the bowlers from the other uni’s from SUG’s again will be great, been able to get away from uni and work for a week is good way to chill out and have fun before exams get underway as well.

Can’t pick one specific moment as my favourite part of SUG’s, the whole experience was incredible and like nothing else I’d done before, would highly recommend going to uni games to anyone!

What is the best part about bowling with La Trobe?

The friends we made amongst our own bowling team but also with the bowling teams, everyone got along really well and made the whole week so much fun! One of the best things about bowling was whilst the other sports were outside in the rain and mud we were inside the warm bowling alley with tunes going the whole day, it was such a relax vibe and there’s no better feeling that getting a strike or watching a teammate bowl a gutter ball.

What would you say to other first year students who are thinking of joining a sports team at La Trobe? (You can make this specific about your sport)

You’ll regret it if you don’t do it! It’s by far been one of the best experiences of my life and it has helped me make so many new friends not only at La Trobe but at the other uni’s as well.

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Hey guys!

I’d love to introduce myself; my name is Harriet Girle, I’m currently a first year student at La Trobe’s Bundoora campus studying a double degree of Bachelor of Law/Media and Communication.

This year I’m super excited to kick-start my involvement with the La Trobe First Year blog, working alongside a team of creative individuals who all have their own perspective on being a first year at La Trobe. Together we aim to give you, fellow first-years, some advice through our experiences and hope explore our university together!

‘COFFEE ON CAMPUS’  This concept, born out my own genuine frustration and inability to find a good cup of coffee on campus, for what I would like to say was far too long. Basically, I aim to review and collate across the next semester a guide (survival guide, if you will) providing you guys the down low on some of the cups of coffee you can get across campus.

Writer’s Block Café

Borchardt Library, Lv. 1, Bundoora Campus. This little gem is tucked away on the lower level of the university library, situated across from the ‘La Trobe Help Desk’ and to the right of the main entrance to the library. The location is very convenient, especially if you’ve been studying in the library or even just passing through campus.

With snacks such as sandwiches, cakes, slices, and even stocked with a variety of macaroons; there is no excuse for a first-year to go hungry with this selection on offer.

I don’t branch far from a ‘strong soy latte with one’ (not a pretentious coffee selection – just lactose intolerant) and these guys satisfied with flying colours. Firstly the coffee was smooth, deep in flavour and whilst providing a strong caffeinated hit. I arrived in a peak period, just after 10am on a Monday morning. Completely mindful of the ‘coffee rush hour’ I’d entered into, my expectations of a timely service were reasonable. But I was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t an issue at all for any of the friendly staff, (receiving my order within 3 minutes) a true testament to ‘Writer’s Block Café’ considering their popularity.

Not only was the coffee exceptional, the venue itself I would recommend it as a quiet place to enjoy a coffee, study, or just catch up with a friend – suiting any students needs. Aesthetically it’s well fitted out, and the artwork across the walls is a lovely touch.

‘Writer’s Block Café’ satisfied my caffeinated hunger whilst curing that lousy morning brain haze, providing me with a great coffee with a quick service – which honestly, fits the bill perfectly on a Monday morning.

Coffee rating: very good.

Setting: study or catch-up.

Vibe: chilled, yet humble.

Welcome to La Trobe!

La Trobe Agora

La Trobe Bundoora – Agora. Photo credit: Olivia Larobina

Congratulations on becoming a student at one of La Trobe’s beautiful campuses! Whether you’re straight out of high school, returning to studies later in life, or just making a change, we hope you love La Trobe as much as we do.

Our aim is to develop the blog into one hat all La Trobe students, -past, future and present- with experiences and stories can relate to. We hope everyone enjoys reading our First Year Blog, and look forward to some of you potentially joining as bloggers for 2015.

There will be some changes to the blog this year, namely in the style of content. We want to allow bloggers to have much more creative freedom, giving them the power to write about topics that they are interested in. We want to shift the blog’s focus from being purely about advice and uni updates, to including personal anecdotes about positive experiences at La Trobe.

Share what you love!

Whether you’re interested in sports or fashion, entertainment or social justice, events or interviews, we want you to blog about it’s a part of your first year experience.

So if you study at Bendigo look out for Tom, and if you study at Bundoora look out for Olivia. We’ll be around recruiting new bloggers to join us this year.

We’ll keep you updated once recruitment officially begins. For now, enjoy O-Week 🙂

Back to Reality

I spent the whole of Year 12 studying for a number.

A number that woke me up at 6:59am on the day it was released because I wanted to know whether or not everything I did throughout the year had paid off. It did pay off, and knowing that it did made me incredibly happy and satisfied.

Last week, as I sat down and read the first two questions on a mid-semester test; I thought to myself for the first time in more than a year “I am not prepared for this”.

Let me tell you, it felt horrible.

Whereas last year I consistently made notes and compiled them in preparation for SACS and exams – this year I have admittedly done the bare minimum (until now). The moment I felt that sensation of utter unpreparedness, I vowed to myself it was time for a change. 

I was never under the illusion that university would be a walk in the park, however some part of me felt I deserved a longer break after 13 years of primary and secondary schooling.

Now it’s time to get back to reality, and this is my reminder to all of you (whether you are working hard or hardly working) to stay motivated. Remember how you feel when you get back an amazing test result or assignment score, and channel those feelings into everything you do. 

Everyone goes through phases of being either super motivated or ultra lazy (well, at least I do). There’s nothing wrong with spending time curled up in bed or missing the occasional lecture to go out and have lunch with your mum. Just remember, if you’re a first year like me – you only have three years to go and a little sacrifice won’t hurt.

You don’t want to be that person who finishes university, goes out into the adult world and thinks “I am not prepared for this.”

We live in a privileged society where we are able to get an education, so make the most of it. Soak it up, stay inspired and show everyone what you’re made of.

By Jemma

Good Things To Do If You Have Long Travel Times (like me)

This is my introductory post – so be nice! I’m not sure how original this post will be but hey, I don’t know the rules yet; I’m only new! So let’s learn together?

It’s not even 6 weeks in to my first year at University and I have already been able to write a long list of tips and realisations that I have made so far. So instead of blasting you now, there will instead be a succession of these posts. Feel free to comment on your own tips below!

  1. At the start of each semester, note all bus/tram/train time timetables down whether it is in your phone, your diary or via photos.  Just make sure to write it down. It helps you when figuring out should you really be ordering that Chai Latte? Or, could that question for your lecturer wait until next week? This way you will know whether you need to rush for public transport or slow down – especially if it’s extreme weather. I will also add; this is essential for those who take successive transport. Missing your bus by a few minutes because you missed the tram by two seconds is not thrilling!
  1. Download good music, audiobooks and podcasts. You’ll find these essential for long journeys! Audio content such as GoT, BBC podcast’s or fandom-audio-casts is essential! If you can find some audiobooks or podcasts that link to your studies, all the better!
  1. This is not one that the fashion conscience would recommend. However, I am not the said consciousness; be awesomely daggy and take a pair of runners and walk for some exercise!
  1. Sometimes the University will have breakfast served for free (I believe Wednesday mornings) so allow yourself to get up a little later that day and grab some of that freeness. Especially if you’re like me and have a nine AM start!
  1. Always try doing things in your breaks. You already waste time traveling, so make use of what time you do have!
  1. Refresh your memory by doing your pre-readings on the bus/train/tram if it’s possible. Free up that home time.
  1. Most importantly – check the weather before you leave the house. Not just at the start of the week! As we all know Melbourne weather is just a tad unpredictable and no matter how far you’re travelling, you won’t want to and often can’t go back to change. There are a few of my friends (you know who you are) who are renowned for wearing inappropriate shoes that are not suited for the weather, not bringing umbrella’s or neglecting those comfy jumpers on cold and wet days, so be prepared.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post; there will be more coming soon! I hope you are all settling in to the first year life deliciously.

Don’t forget to tell me your tips and realisations below!

 Bisous, bisous

By Maddison

One week down. Goal for week two? Make friends!

Congratulations are in order to all the first year students who have just completed their first week of University. By now you should be getting an idea of what your course and subjects are all about.

If you’re feeling nervous or even a bit overwhelmed by all the information given to you in first week –   you aren’t alone and there are plenty of ways to seek advice and help.

Your connect mentor is there for you and always ensure you ask questions when you need them.   Be sure to also email your lecturers or tutors if you are feeling unsure about anything class related.

Now, let’s talk about making friends at University.

Many lifelong friendships have been formed at Universities and Colleges around the world. But, how quickly you find yourself meeting new students and friends are often dependent on a variety of circumstances.

If you live on campus, or share a house with students – you’ve probably already become acquainted and familiar with a few people around the University.

You will find that some courses are also more peers interactive than others – so sometimes it’s up to you to make the extra effort to be more social.

Here are a few tips and hints at enhancing your social experience at University.

  • Say Hi! The next time you’re in a lecture or tutorial, introduce yourself to a few people sitting close to you. Sometimes all it takes is a friendly hello to mark the beginning of a friendship. It can be daunting – but you’ve got nothing to lose and only friends to gain!
  • Join clubs and societies.
  • Attend both La Trobe and club/society events. Even if you attend these events alone, chances are high that you will meet other people doing the exact same thing.

For more tips visit: