A Glimpse of Bendigo La Trobe

So, now that I have had a few weeks to experience the Bendigo Campus I thought it would be a great time to highlight some of my favourite features. Whilst I’m utterly in love with the entire campus, many aspects stand out to me.

The Student Union:
As you can see in the picture, the student union is a great place to socialize, to reduce some stress and to really feel the atmosphere of Uni life. I love hanging out here because you see some many different people and it makes you feel like you’re a part of something bigger, rather than just sticking with your small group of classmates/ friends.


The Library:
This library is huge! It is beautifully set out to allow people to study in various ways, either independently and quietly or in small groups. It also has so many resources you could spend hours in there without even realizing it. Along with all these great things, there is also a small outdoor area as well! How cool is that?11015780_884897388235487_1147791083_n

The Stairs:
Now, I am yet to become best friends with the many stairs that are all through the Bendigo campus, but I put them on the list because it’s very different for me. But I also like that the stairs allow me to get up and move around between classes, which keeps me feeling energized and gets my blood pumping ready for my 1 o’clock lecture!


The Gardens:
Not only do these gardens look amazing, it’s so refreshing to break up the brick work with beautiful greenery. And they are so peaceful to sit amongst.


Now, the Bendigo La Trobe Campus has so much more to offer than the things I mentioned, so if you’re contemplating Bendigo La Trobe I highly suggest you get down here and have a look around. As I have only just started, I have only seen the surface of what is offered here at Bendigo, and I can’t wait to discover more great things!
Peace Out,
Bianca 😀



Exam prepping and library opening hours

Finding past practice exam papers

Preparing for exams can be tough, take a look at some past exam papers for your subject and start preparing.

And check out some useful tips on preparing for exams.

Melbourne Library opening hours

19 May – 26 June: Melbourne Campus Library will be open 24 hours (Monday – Friday) across all three floors.

Seeing as exams are fast approaching it’s important to prioritise your time. Thankfully the Melbourne campus library will be open for business for up to 24 hours a day during the June examination period (19 May – 26 June).

All three floors can be accessed during the following times:

  • Monday –  Friday: 24 hours (7 am Monday – midnight Friday)
  • Saturday – Sunday: 9.30 am – midnight

If studying late is more your style or you simply need to enter the Library after 10 pm, you will need to register your card online 24 hours before entry and then swipe your card at the door.

There will also be increased security presence during evening hours. Full details on all campus library opening hours.

Happy studying guys, all the best with upcoming assignments and exam revision!

Textbooks! Subject Guides! Preparing for the Semester and your Classes

Well friends, there’s just a week to go before your first classes! Getting nervous? Excited? Worried? Looking forward to Orientation just so you can begin already?

If you haven’t already, scroll down to go over my Planning O Week and Learning Your Way Around recent blogs to make sure you’re absolutely ready to get everything you need out of Orientation. This week is for you. Not second or third years, but for you as the new students who need some extra guidance to help with your transition into this wondrous place called university. Hundreds of students are volunteering their time alongside staff to get you acquainted with all the things they love about La Trobe. So take the tour, attend all the information sessions, get your parking and myki concessions sorted, then kick back and relax over a sausage sizzle or a beer and aim to make a few friends among the fun. Among the social events happening in O-Week are:

Now aside from all that fun, you are probably starting to wonder about textbooks and when the study stuff will start to kick off. The good news is that if your enrolment is proceeding without hitches, then it should all be happening already, if not, very soon (this week in fact!). You want to look out for subject guides on the LMS, and spend a couple of hours this week or next planning out just what your semester will look like in terms of study load. Continue reading to get the low-down. Continue reading

LTU website navigation & connections: for faster access

Hi again friends!  I hope by now you have attended an Enrolment Day and sorted out the subjects you are interested in, signed up for this year, plus paid your fees and collected your student ID. How much do you love your new ID photo? Smile!

If not, go back over my first two blogs to familiarise and make sure you attend one of the last few Enrolment Days soon!  If you have, now’s the time for step two, to prepare yourself for O-Week and the start of semester, in short, Ready4Uni!  Below you will find some handy tips about getting used to the La Trobe Uni website and the various links and logins – simple reading to help you prepare ahead of O-Week and classes! Continue reading

Planning O-Week

Hi again friends!  Lovely to see more of you joining us every day!  Follow us to get reminders of when the blogs get published.

With second-round offers concluding enrolment this week, now is the ideal time to turn our thoughts to O-Week. Orientation is the traditional prelude to university, designed to give you an overview of the campus and the university, classes and life as a student – and that includes the social festivities too!

This week’s blog will cover the main things to do during La Trobe’s O-Week: meet new people, tour the campus, familiarise enough things to settle your anxieties, and get to know what services and facilities we have to offer – before you need them. Do try to attend all three days; not only is it fun and free, you can also learn a lot about being a university student, about life at LTU and what La Trobe expects from its students.  International students will benefit from additional orientation events next week, beginning the 18th, where they can enjoy activities and information tailored just for them.

Recall in my first blog, that not all universities do this… well – so get as much out of your O-Week as you can. Continue reading

Mastering Assessments Part 2: Submitting Assignments

In follow up to my previous blog about writing assessments, here I conclude with the points of issue for submitting them: referencing, statement of authorship, Turnitin, deadlines, essay boxes versus online submission, and finally a note about special considerations. Figure them out early and you need never encounter an issue when it comes to handing in assignments. Continue reading

Mastering Assessments – part 1, writing them

At first impression writing an essay or report is no easy feat. So difficult in fact, that they are broken into stages with equal amounts of help out there to master them: research (see the library); planning (see time management); note-taking and writing the draft (see Academic Literacy and Learning); plus further research and editing, then referencing (see library); before finally submitting (see turnitin). Then there’s help if you can’t make deadlines (see Special Consideration). In the lead up to my application for university, I even did a bridging class that revolved around mastering essay writing, section for section.  Before that I couldn’t write an essay at all, early evidence of my first degree indicates I knew nothing more than how to photocopy copious amounts of irrelevant information, killing trees and orang-utans in South-East Asian rainforests as I went.  I lacked any ability to turn that paper into my own opinions and thought, much less put it into an essay.  Which is why I had to do a bridging course.

Now, I believe that once you master the basics, they aren’t as hard nor intimidating as they seem, as I once thought. Time consuming, yes, after all it is a learning process – but not hard. In the next two blogs I will give you the basics to help you feel more comfortable with assessments ahead of the week 6-13 due dates for most essays and reports. Be sure to tune in next week over the Easter break for the second installment, but read on for the basics of writing larger assignments. Continue reading