Get ready for Semester Two!

Hey everyone,

I hope all you had a wonderful break and are feeling relaxed and pumped for the next semester. For those who follow this awesome blog regularly, you may remember stumbling across one of my earliest posts, where I interviewed three lovely ladies about starting University. Well, I was able to catch up with two of the lovely ladies once again to sit down and have a chat about their first semester experiences, and how they are feeling going into semester two!


How do you feel going into your second semester compared to when you started back in March?

I personally feel a lot better about going into my second semester, because in semester one I was struggling with the workload that I was given, and in semester two, I decided to cut down my classes, so I would have longer to study in each of them.

What ideas about uni life did you have when you first started and have they changed?

I thought that the change from high school to university would be hard and stressful, and that was true for me, but I was able to find things to de-stress, like reading and listening to music.

You mentioned the first time we spoke about being unsure of how you’d fit into the university lifestyle. How do you feel about that now?

It isn’t a worry anymore, because when you join your classes, you start to interact with people and it is very easy to make friends, since you are all going through the same thing.

If you could go back to March, what advice would you give yourself?

I would have told myself to withdraw from one of my classes, because then I may have had a chance to do better in class, which would have then allowed me to do better on my exams.

A lot of new students worry about the stresses of balancing study, work and “me-time”, with your experiences so far, what is your best advice to those worrying about this?

I would tell all the people worrying about this, is to just always allow for some “me-time”, because if I didn’t have the time to just relax, I would have been so sick of studying, which would have lead to me procrastinating.

Taking a few minutes to listen to some music, or even reading a book, allowed me to have a break, which made me more productive.

You initially said that the idea of travelling every single day for uni was a little bit daunting. After doing it for a whole semester, have your feelings changed?

Once you get used to the idea of travelling every day, it really becomes no big deal. Since I travelled on the train, I could just relax and read a book and listen to some music, and it made the time fly.

What are three things you’re excited for this semester?

I am excited to start my new subjects and to have more time on each of the classes, so I can get a better score than last semester.

I am also excited to see if I improve in my classes, since I dropped a few classes, which will help me determine if I will continue next year.

Lucky last: now that you’ve had some experience as a university student, give one line of advice for new students and explain La Trobe Bendigo in three words!

If you are struggling with the work load, I definitely recommend talking to the career councillor ladies!

In three words, I would say that La Trobe is a “very amazing experience”.


How do you feel going into your second semester compared to when you started back in March?

I feel as if I am more prepared and know a lot more about how uni works which is very reassuring.

What ideas about uni life did you have when you first started and have they changed?

When I first started uni, I expected that there would be a lot of work involved and that it would be much different to high school, and it certainly was.

If you could go back to March, what advice would you give yourself?

I would tell myself to not stress out over the little things and make sure I balance uni, work and social/ free time more effectively so I don’t get stressed.

You initially said that the idea of travelling every single day for uni was a little bit daunting. After doing it for a whole semester, have your feelings changed?

Some days when you have had a big day of classes it’s nice to have the trip home as a break but at the same time you just want to get straight home and relax.


So there you go guys, these girls are loving their time at La Trobe Bendigo, as am I. I couldn’t think of anything better to be doing with my life! If you are considering life after high school and you aren’t sure if University is right for you, comment below and I will do my best to help you guys with your decisions!

For those of you already living the uni life, I hope this semester is a great one.


S-T-U-D-Y-I-N-G, what does that spell? Procrastination.

Week six is here along with the glorious deadlines for assignments, if you haven’t freaked out yet I salute you.

To quote a very insightful wizard Albus Dumbledore

“It is our choices…that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”.

So start making good choices right now and put down that phone and get writing.

If you’ve come straight from high school like myself – you’re most likely looking at these assignments and thinking how do I write this? The thing is its okay if you don’t know how to write it; all you have to do is ask for help.

Ask your tutors or your lectures and don’t forget about the first year advisers. These people are here to help you and make this transition as smooth as possible so ask their advice and clarify any queries you have.

So after opening your word document to begin writing you won’t feel confused. You wont feel the need to begin skimming through Facebook. Instead, you will be able to look at that empty word document and have the words flow through your fingertips.

So make good choices and don’t put that studying off.

Start writing your assignments because at the end of the day it’s your future which will benefit from it.

By Adriana


Good Things To Do If You Have Long Travel Times (like me)

This is my introductory post – so be nice! I’m not sure how original this post will be but hey, I don’t know the rules yet; I’m only new! So let’s learn together?

It’s not even 6 weeks in to my first year at University and I have already been able to write a long list of tips and realisations that I have made so far. So instead of blasting you now, there will instead be a succession of these posts. Feel free to comment on your own tips below!

  1. At the start of each semester, note all bus/tram/train time timetables down whether it is in your phone, your diary or via photos.  Just make sure to write it down. It helps you when figuring out should you really be ordering that Chai Latte? Or, could that question for your lecturer wait until next week? This way you will know whether you need to rush for public transport or slow down – especially if it’s extreme weather. I will also add; this is essential for those who take successive transport. Missing your bus by a few minutes because you missed the tram by two seconds is not thrilling!
  1. Download good music, audiobooks and podcasts. You’ll find these essential for long journeys! Audio content such as GoT, BBC podcast’s or fandom-audio-casts is essential! If you can find some audiobooks or podcasts that link to your studies, all the better!
  1. This is not one that the fashion conscience would recommend. However, I am not the said consciousness; be awesomely daggy and take a pair of runners and walk for some exercise!
  1. Sometimes the University will have breakfast served for free (I believe Wednesday mornings) so allow yourself to get up a little later that day and grab some of that freeness. Especially if you’re like me and have a nine AM start!
  1. Always try doing things in your breaks. You already waste time traveling, so make use of what time you do have!
  1. Refresh your memory by doing your pre-readings on the bus/train/tram if it’s possible. Free up that home time.
  1. Most importantly – check the weather before you leave the house. Not just at the start of the week! As we all know Melbourne weather is just a tad unpredictable and no matter how far you’re travelling, you won’t want to and often can’t go back to change. There are a few of my friends (you know who you are) who are renowned for wearing inappropriate shoes that are not suited for the weather, not bringing umbrella’s or neglecting those comfy jumpers on cold and wet days, so be prepared.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post; there will be more coming soon! I hope you are all settling in to the first year life deliciously.

Don’t forget to tell me your tips and realisations below!

 Bisous, bisous

By Maddison

Assignment madness and daunting deadlines

Feeling overwhelmed with class assignments? Not sure how to get started or don’t understand what to do? Everyone has there own way of approaching assignments but here are some general tips on how to deal with those tough assignments.

Try not to leave your assignments till the last minute, this will most probably cause you unnecessary stress and anxiety, and will leave you feeling like you didn’t do your best. It’s a good idea to break down the assignment into key sections and write a couple of hundred words each day so that you can develop and expand on your ideas over a period of time, and reflect on what ideas work or don’t work. Remember it is okay if what your writing doesn’t make sense at first or seems NQR because you’re just getting started. Start off with a draft, and keep working on it till you’re 100% happy.

Completing assignments can be difficult especially when you have a few due around the same time, that’s why it’s vital to manage your time and spread out the work load. Learn how to develop time management skills at our Time Management section. If you still feel stuck, why not check out The Academic Language & Learning website, here you can find loads of helpful resources to assist you in your studies, and best of all they’re just a click away! Also check out the Library site for advice on referencing and planning your assignments. This is a great resource especially if you’re struggling with getting started on an assignment.

IMPORTANT REMINDER 1: The census date for semester one is 31st MARCH 2014. This date is important because this is when you’re financially liable for all the subjects you’re enrolled in. It is your responsibility to make sure your enrolment is correct. You can view your current enrolment at StudentOnLine. If your enrolment doesn’t reflect what you think it should then contact your Faculty or Student Administration Office ASAP, otherwise this will cause you grief in the future. For more information about census dates head to

IMPORTANT REMINDER 2: We are still recruiting first years to join our exciting First Year @ La Trobe blogger team! Don’t miss out on getting involved in this year’s blogging fun! We are on the prowl for diverse, passionate and enthusiastic students who enjoy writing or even videoing. It doesn’t matter what faculty you’re from or which campus you attend, we want to hear your thoughts, but more accurately, your words! In 300 words or less let us know what excites you about your first year at La Trobe. Alternatively, send us a video of yourself, no longer than 2 minutes, explaining what you find exciting about first year university life at La Trobe. Email your entry along with your name and course to by Tuesday 1 April (that’s this Tuesday people!) We look forward to hearing from you soon! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch at

Happy writing/videoing 🙂

Stay connected with UCROO

UU UCROO stands for ‘University Crew’ and is the University’s private social network. Think Facebook, but with an academic twist. It allows you to connect with other students and staff at La Trobe, through an online community.

This is a user-friendly virtual space where you can ask questions; especially those urgent ones you have just before that final exam or assessment. You can also join or form groups that interest you, create study groups and collaborate on coursework with classmates.

For new students in particular, you can use UCROO to get to know the people in your course and year level. The Mentor Program available through UCROO is an excellent resource, as uni mentors post frequently and can steer you in the right direction, especially if you’re stuck with an essay or just want to have a chat/rant about uni.

Ucroo photo

You can also keep up to date with what’s happening around campus through the UCROO university feed. Staff and students provide you with information on the latest events, resources, services and support programs for students.

There is also a feed that specifically relates to your year level, for example ‘the first years feed’ will only post about first year events or relevant information related to first years. This is really useful; so make sure you regularly check this resource.

One of the most popular features on UCROO is the timetable sharing function. This allows you to enter your timetable and match up classes or breaks with other students, making it 10 times easier to organise lunch dates and study sessions with your mates!

Whatever way you choose to use UCROO, have fun with it. It’s a unique university support network, so make the most of it, and stay connected to your university campus.

Connect with UCROO  

Download the app for iPhones (Android app is coming soon).

If you need help logging in or would like more information contact

Don’t forget to ‘Like’ UCROO on Facebook for regular tips and advice!

Textbooks! Subject Guides! Preparing for the Semester and your Classes

Well friends, there’s just a week to go before your first classes! Getting nervous? Excited? Worried? Looking forward to Orientation just so you can begin already?

If you haven’t already, scroll down to go over my Planning O Week and Learning Your Way Around recent blogs to make sure you’re absolutely ready to get everything you need out of Orientation. This week is for you. Not second or third years, but for you as the new students who need some extra guidance to help with your transition into this wondrous place called university. Hundreds of students are volunteering their time alongside staff to get you acquainted with all the things they love about La Trobe. So take the tour, attend all the information sessions, get your parking and myki concessions sorted, then kick back and relax over a sausage sizzle or a beer and aim to make a few friends among the fun. Among the social events happening in O-Week are:

Now aside from all that fun, you are probably starting to wonder about textbooks and when the study stuff will start to kick off. The good news is that if your enrolment is proceeding without hitches, then it should all be happening already, if not, very soon (this week in fact!). You want to look out for subject guides on the LMS, and spend a couple of hours this week or next planning out just what your semester will look like in terms of study load. Continue reading to get the low-down. Continue reading

Subject Selection, Timetables & Enrolment Day!

Hey guys! Hope you had an amazing summery Australia Day weekend (whether or not you celebrated)! Over the next couple of weeks most new students will be flocking to La Trobe campuses to attend an Enrolment Day.  Here you will be telling La Trobe Uni you want to do your degree HERE.  Well, that’s awesome, welcome aboard!  You will be sorting out fees, getting your student ID and sorting out your subjects for this year.  Today’s blog is just to make sure you are ready to do just that.


Continue reading

Voldemort and I

Ugh! It’s nearly over! Just a little bit more and then we’re done (and have to repeat the dismal circle repetitively over the course of our entire schooling. Hooray?)

I just really, REALLY want to get my assessments and exams out of the way. Or not do them at all. Yes, the latter would suffice nicely.

letmedie Continue reading