University can be tough at the best of times without having to find something to wear each morning, so I’ve taken it upon myself to put together a list of five staple pieces to get you through university this winter. From good quality and guaranteed to last, to cheap and fun, I’ve documented some of this seasons trends that are sure to inspire your university wardrobe this winter.



A good old faithful COAT – You simply can’t go wrong in winter with a staple coat that can get you anywhere. Whether it be running out the door to class on a frosty Monday morning, or meeting friends for coffee, a coat that is warm and versatile is a must. Be sure to find one that is tailored to your everyday style; one that can be worn over dresses, pants or a casual pair jeans. For those with a few extra pennies, a good quality coat that will last a few seasons is well worth the investment, but bargain woolies are also sure to do the job.


My suggestions: Princess Highway ‘Central Park Duffel’ ($198); H&M ‘Textured Coat’ ($59.95); Boohoo ‘Kate Belted Shawl Collar Coat’ ($40)


Photo: Dangerfield


Photo: Boohoo



High wasted JEANS – A pair of well-fitting, high-wasted jeans are a godsend on a mid-winters day. They keep your lower back warm, you can tuck your shirt in to them and they give you  just that little bit of extra confidence. If you find the right pair they can get you through a day of lectures and dinner reservations for two in one day – it’s all in the make.


My suggestions: Jag ‘The Rosie – High Rise Skinny’ ($109.95); Sportsgirl ‘High Waist Full Length Jean’ ($89.95); Topshop ‘MOTO Patchwork Mom Jeans’ ($42)


Photo: Jag



Sturdy ankle BOOTS – Ankle boots are not only always ‘in’ season, but are a timeless wardrobe must-have on a cold and wet winters day. They can tread through puddles and make it – in the rain – from the tram stop to class, all the while keeping your toes dry. And the best bit about them is that quality made ones with last you a lifetime, but a pair of cheap ones will also do just the trick. Put away your canvas shoes and replace them with comfort and classic winter style this season.


My suggestions: Jo Mercer ‘Wally Ankle Boots’ ($149.95); Novo ‘Diesel Flat Ankle Boot’ ($59.95); Rubi Shoes ‘Tina Lace Up’ ($49.95)


Photo: Novo



Casual TEE’s – For the days when effort is in the all-too-hard basket, why not lounge back, feel comfy and maintain a neat and causal look with an effortless tee. It’s hard to look out of place in at uni in a tee-shirt, so embrace the laid back and easy style.


My suggestions: General Pants, Lee ‘No Brainer T-Shirt’ ($49.95); Myer, Miss Shop ‘Essential Tee’ Range (varying prices, $20+); Cotton On ‘Winnie Ringer Tee’ ($19.95 OR two for $30)


Photo: General Pants Co/Lee



A nice KNIT – It really isn’t winter until you’ve pulled out your favourite knit and rugged up for the day. It’s one that can be worn whenever, to wherever, it’s warm and can be dressed up or dressed down, it adds colour to the dark blue and grey colour of the sky (and your jeans) and above all else, it’s comfier than anything you own – if you haven’t got one, you’re missing out.


My suggestions: Sportsgirl ‘Cable Knit Pullover’ ($62.97); JayJay’s ‘Wide Rib Oversized Cardi’ ($49.95); Myer, Miss Shop ‘Textured Stripe Knit Jumper’ ($40);


Photo: JayJays


Photo: Myer


By Alanah Frost

Having trouble kicking goals?

So the first thing that you probably thought upon reading the title was, “I don’t play football!” But let me assure you, this about kicking your own goals.

On my way home from University games, I bought a little book called “The Decision Book” by Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschäppeler, which is packed of really handy strategies and models for strategic thinking, and it reminded me of a handy little goal setting strategy that I learned a few years ago, it’s quite popular so you’re likely already familiar with it.

It’s called SMARTER goal setting.

SMARTER is an acronym for a series of tasks involved in setting, planning and completing goals, and here’s what they are:

Specific – The goal must be specific. Having an ambiguous or generalised goal, which is important for refining and outlining exactly what you hope to achieve, and the things are involved in completing it, e.g. “I will eat healthier” is too open ended, instead, try for “I will create a weekly meal-plan full of nutritious and healthy food” or something similar.

Measurable – Goals are quantifiable, and should be able to have their progress measured. Having a measurable goal is important for understanding your progress: How far have I come? How far have I got to go? What things do I need to do in order to maintain my progress? What things need to be adjusted to improve my progress?

Achievable – This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Is your goal achievable? What things do you need to change in your behaviour or attitude to help you achieve your goal? What skills, financial capacity, attitudes and abilities do I need to complete my goal? Naturally, the length of your goal will impact on how achievable it is, but we’ll get to that later.

Realistic – This is where you need to have some honest reflection. On my wall I have a piece of paper that reads: “Long-shot goal: 2020 Olympics”. Yeah, I’ve considered trying to make the path into the 2020 Australian Olympics Baseball team, but if I sit down and have an honest reflection, it isn’t realistic for me. But that being said, almost anything is accomplishable if you give enough hustle and work towards completing it done.

Time-bound – Set a time limit. Mark a date on your calendar, when must you complete your goal by? Naturally, different goals will have different lengths of time to be completed, e.g. short and long-term goals. A short-term goal is something that can be completed soon, and with (perhaps) quite little effort. Long-term goals are usually more difficult, have more variables that require time to be completed; but this is entirely dependant on what you want to achieve.

Evaluate – Pretty straight forward. Evaluate your progress and barriers that are in your way, taking the time to adjust to those barriers to ensure that you can keep progressing with your goal.

Re-do – If you didn’t complete your goal, or perhaps didn’t complete it to the standard that you would have liked, sit down and put your goal through the SMARTER process again!

So, hopefully with this strategy in mind, you can apply it to goals of all kinds, sporting, personal, professional, academic, you name it!

Tyler Trevaskis

Super handy productivity tips!

Hey, How are you? Good? Oh… You’re feeling swamped under all this work you have to do? Trust me. I know how that feels, I’ve always got homework or an assignment and I always procrastinate and never feel productive, but, if you’d like, I can give you a few tips that really helped me get things done? Awesome.
For starts, have you thought about cleaning your desk?
Your place of work is really important, so you have to make sure it’s tidy, organised and ready to go. Take some time to organise your desk, so that you know exactly where everything is when you need it, no time is wasted on digging through piles of paper and junk, which can really help when you’re under pressure or in the zone, plus, there will be less to distract you.
Have you tried writing a To-Do list?
As part of each morning routine I make a To-Do list, putting the most crucial or loathsome items at the top, and work my way down in order of importance, with the least important task at the bottom. As you complete a task, just cross it off the list.
If you don’t like the idea of wasting paper each day on a physical list, Evernote is a really handy app that lets you make notes or lists and share them between any number of devices; and the best thing it, it’s paper free! It will even send you notifications if you’re forgetful like me.
How much exercise do you do?
Exercise is one of the most underrated productivity hacks. Not only is exercise crucial for your health and wellbeing, it helps your productivity too!
One thing I’ve found from making exercise a part of my daily routine is that I’m so much more focused when I sit down to work, I’m consistently more productive. By exercising, it increases blood-flow to your brain, helping awareness and processing, as well as gives you more energy. Exercise it an all-round life essential, for your physical and mental health, alertness and sleeping habits. 30 minutes a day of physical activity is recommended.
If you don’t have time for a chunk of 30 minutes, do three 10 minute routines instead, or incorporate using the stairs instead of the elevator? Park your car a few blocks from the office and walk the rest of the way, whatever you do, make physical activity a part of your daily routine and you’ll see improvement in every facet of your life.
Are you getting enough sleep?
Sleep is key, absolute key, to being productive and healthy.
Ditch the technology for at least an hour before you go to bed to make sure you get a decent amount of sleep. Sign off, you can text your pals tomorrow, because the light emitted from your phone or laptop inhibits the release of melatonin, a key chemical involved in preparing our bodies for sleep, so if you’re having trouble getting to sleep, maybe try logging off and reading a book for a while, you might learn yourself a thing or two.
Follow the Pareto Principle, man.
The Pareto Principle is simple: 80% of your desired results will come from 20% of your activity.
Find the things that are your priority, the tasks that will offer you the most progress and results and do them first. Pretty simple, huh?
This list isn’t comprehensive, but it’s a neat little start. Super simple to incorporate into a busy schedule with little effort, and you’ll start seeing yourself complete tasks in no time.

Assignment Season

The dreaded assignment season is upon us. The first six weeks have felt like a breeze. You’ve gone to class, you’re feeling full of knowledge and you’re asking yourself “who even said university was hard?”

You get given your first assignment, but it doesn’t worry you. You’ve got plenty of time! All your other classes are seemingly just as easy. You’re having the time of your life.

Your second class has its first assignment, more than likely a 1000+ word essay. You take a few deep breathes but you’re still okay. You’ve still got plenty of time, but a couple weeks later, you’re starting to feel the beginnings of panic reach your core.

Third assignment comes in plus you’ve got a speech you have to research and revise before your next class. Without you even realising your workload has multiplied sevenfold. You’ve got major assessments for each class and minor homework tasks you must accomplish before class.

At this point, horror is all you know.

The main problem of assignment season isn’t just the assignments themselves, it’s the fact that you’ve reached a midway in the semester and your motivation levels are low and your procrastination levels high. Even B grade movies are a better idea than actually looking at your assignment but you can’t afford the luxuries you’ve so come to love and appreciate in life. All you can do is stare at your blank computer screen and hope, nay; pray that you can get each assignment done.

Goodbye social life, TV addictions and movie appreciation nights. Hello word counts and endless nights of typing.

I wish I could say there’s a silver lining to assignment season, but unfortunately there is not. So this is where my advice lies, don’t procrastinate and tell yourself “you’ll start tomorrow” because it’s a lie. There’s a reason lecturers give us assignments months before they’re due. Use that time to at least make a start to avoid, in my opinion, the most stressful time of the year. And hey, before you know it, it’ll be the yearly break! So start typing my fellow students and the misery will be over soon.



Gluten Free & …

I made the BEST gluten free brownies the other day.
This will tell you how to do the same.
Except I put them in a cupcake tray. Hence, reduced the cooking time.
And I used Gluten Free Flour instead of that random Sorghum Flour, which I could not find anywhere…

This is how I usually am in the kitchen:
So I’m quite pleased with my successful brownies. Yeeey!

I also completed a 2000 word essay,
and chopped a decent amount of my hair off.
I feel so invigorated ._.

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Getting there

I know when and where all my lectures and tutorials are off by heart.
Yes, I’m that cool.

Recently, the weather has this annoying tendency to get really hot on a Wednesday. The only day where I happen to be in the hottest lecture theatre in the universe. Not exaggerating. Undercroft Lecture Theatre, anyone?

To be honest with you, I thought uni would be a breeze. Especially first year. But it’s really not that breezy. I already have 4 assignments all going on at once and all due around the same time. And I’m meant to be reading 7 books for English at some point. And learn how to reference properly. And I’m slowly falling behind.

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